"Being a photo-phobe and convinced I always look like a squinting hamster in my photos, I warned Janet she had her work cut out! Janet made me completely at ease with her great sense of humour and confidence, her experience in the industry allowed me to trust her direction and judgement.  The photos from the shoot are the best ever taken of me and yet still look like me - it's me on a great day! I can highly recommend a shoot with Janet as it's fun but will get you great, natural results."
Rebecca Douglas - Natural health practitioner

Testimonials"Put me on stage and I'm fine, the bigger the audience the better - bring 'em on! But put me in front of a single camera, knowing that a fleeting image is going to be frozen in time, and I freak out.  Can't do it.  My face goes into a rictus of a smile that looks nothing like me and I always blink at just the wrong moment.
Until, that is,Janet offered to do headshots of me for an upcoming stint at the Edinburgh Festival.  Not only did she arrive with the most amazing photo gear, designed to take vibrant pictures no matter how indifferent the light levels, she was toting her professional make-up kit - and a psychologist's couchful of self-confidence-boosting words of wisdom. I was made to feel extraordinarily special, relaxed and ready to face that all-seeing eye.
The results were the best pictures of myself I've ever seen.  I really did look like the person I'd always felt I could be.
Magic? Trickery? No, just Janet's truly wonderful skill, artistry and that all important human touch."
Rowena Mafham - Actress/Writer

"I'm very happy to recommend Janet King after she took a series of photos of me recently.  Janet took a lot of care doing my makeup, in a relaxed way, chatting and really putting me at my ease.  The photos she took gave me a lot of contrasting shots to choose from and I was very happy with the results."
Jill Payne - Alexander Technique Practitioner

"My wedding would NEVER have been as perfect without Janet and her lovely assistant, Adam.  Their presence was both entertaining but unobtrusive and the photographs were amazing! I'm so happy that I have such a beautiful record of my special day - thank you so very much!"
Claire Stephenson - Mother and housewife

"I can honestly say that due to Janet capturing the good bits I've always seen in the mirror but had never seen in a photograph, my career has taken a new turn.  With the right headshot being of utmost importance, an actor can find the auditions so necessary to further his/her profile.  The whole session was a hilarious event - (I think Janet was laughing with me and not at me!) - she's great!!"
Barry T Williams - Actor